Urban Health Programme

BGMS is working for mother and child health in 16 slums of Indore city since 2003. This work is being carried out under Urban Health Research Centre. For the sustainability of the project, BGMS has got two social development organisations, namely Krishna Tusli Samajik Vikas Sanstha and Adarshmayi Maa Vaishnavi Samajik Vikas Sasntha, registered. Both these organisations supervise the work of health and immunisation of children and pregnant women with the help of the Health Department and Women and Child Development Department.


  • To provide living examples of enhanced linkages and coordination among different public and private stakeholders for urban health by integrating the demand supply linkage approach with ward coordination approach
  • To strengthen the approach for institutional and financial sustainability of the programme, with local resource mobilisation, creation of Urban Health Fund and District Urban Health Forum with participation of key stakeholders
  • To facilitate Ward Coordination through multi stakeholder partnership approach and its integration with demand supply and linkage approach, improve service provision and coverage and behaviour promotion amongst the urban poor community in intervention slums
  • To enable the CC team to function independently as NGO, provide them comprehensive capacity building inputs on NGO management, both financial and programmatic

Major Activities

  • Immunisation camps
  • Awareness generation through street plays, puppet shows, health awareness rallies, CD show, essay competition, poster competition, etc.
  • Awareness by individual home visits and group meetings
  • Regional health camp


During the year 2009-10, all the population in 16 slums of Indore city has been covered. A total of 2,017 pregnannt women and 5,817 children were immunised. A total of 351 group meetings with pregnant women and 349 meetings with mothers were held, benefitting 2,106 pregnant women and 4,180 mothers, respectively. About 50 pregnant women and 70 children benefited from health check-up camps. As a result of interventions now 60 per cent deliveries take place in hospitals.

Bird Eye View

Project Name: Urban Health Programme
Project Period: Since 2003
Focus Area: Reproductive Child Health
Funding Agency: UHRC
Working Area: Indore City
Beneficiaries: Mother and Child