Uday Project

Uday (Urban Water Supply and Environmental Improvement in Madhya Pradesh) is an integrated urban infrastructure development project inclusive of institutional strengthening requirements. This is a partnership programme between Asian Development Bank, UN Habitat and WaterAid.

The main role of UN Habitat and WaterAid is to support implementation of the project by facilitating community initiatives. The project Uday started in January 2008 in 20 slums of Indore city with the purpose of establishing and upgrading essential urban infrastructure and services particularly in the areas of potable water supplies, wastewater drainage and solid waste management.


  • To improve upon access of safe and sustainable water and sanitation and menstrual hygiene practices in urban areas
  • To strengthen pro-urban governance
  • To strengthen community demand for the provision of services


BGMS has got success in changing behaviour of about 40 per cent people residing in slum areas. These people have changed their practices for handling drinking water as earlier they were not storing the drinking water on height and they were not using the long handled utensil to take out water. Most of the people have started pouring chlorine tablets in drinking water to avoid contamination. Approximately 63 people have constructed toilets by their own after seeing the demo toilets constructed with the support of WaterAid. Training on MHM and meeting with adolescent girls have helped in changing behaviour of girls towards menstrual hygiene. Approximately 40 per cent of girls have started using disposable sanitary pad. Approximately 60 per cent girls in a slum have adopted practice of proper disposal of sanitary pad. In these slum incinerators are available and are being used for same purpose. These changes indicate that the objective of improved access of safe and sustainable water and sanitation menstrual hygiene practices in urban areas is going to be completed.

For solid waste management 10 biogas units, five vermi-compost units and five incinerators have been set up. For safe and sustainable water 10 rain water harvesting structures have been constructed in five slums. Two community toilets and 55 individual toilets have also been constructed.

Bird Eye View

Project Name: UDAY Project
Project Period: Since January 2008
Focus Area: Water and Sanitation
Funding Agency: Asian Development Bank
Working Area: 20 slums of Indore city
Beneficiaries: Community people