Self Help Group Bank Linkage Project

Over a period of time BGMS has facilitated formation of 500 SHGs with about 6,000 women members. To further strengthen these SHGs a project to link these SHGs with banks is underway since December 2007.


  • To develop economic sustainability among self help group members
  • To develop leadership quality among them
  • To help them in bank linkage so that they borrow loans from banks to establish their business and fulfil their family needs

The project is covering 100 villages of Mangliya and Depalpur blocks. The members of the SHGs are poor women of interior villages where nobody still reaches them. These women are agriculture labour, vegetable sellers, fruit sellers, and many of them are daily wage workers. Through continuous meetings and training these poor and illiterate women have come together, started small savings among the group and opened their account in nearby banks. Within the time of two years the organisation facilitated formation of 500 SHGs with 6,000 women members. Small saving of 500 SHGs is now a big amount of Rs 46 lakh with which they fulfil their family needs by inter-loaning in the group.

Around 200 of the SHGs took bank loans to strengthen their family business or to start their own business like grocery shop, vegetable shop, flower shop, cutlery shop, garage, animal husbandry, to purchase goat, buffalo, cow, etc. Many of them took training of stitching clothes, beauty parlour, and many other training and established their own business by borrowing loan from banks. Besides economic sustainability in monthly meetings they all get awareness on literacy, mother and child health, importance of education, legal rights, domestic violence, different government schemes, small family, age of marriage, etc.

Bird Eye View

Project Name: Self Help Group Project
Project Period: Since December 2007
Focus Area: Leadership quality in rural women
Funding Agency: NABARD, Bhopal
Working Area: Depalpur and Magaliya blocks of Indore District
Beneficiaries: Rural Women