Safe City Initiatives

Safety has emerged as an important issue for governments/non-government agencies across the world. It refers to the duty and function of the state/co-actors to ensure the safety of its citizens, organizations and institutions against threats to their well-being as well as the traditional functions of law and order. With more than half the global population today living in urban areas, safe city is increasingly being considered essential in ensuring secure living and prosperity. Urban planning standards, byelaws and the design of public spaces play a major role in the prevention of sexual harassment and violence against women outside their homes and workplaces.

BGMS started work with rural women by imparting them adult education. After some time, it was belt by Mrs Krishna Agrawal that there should be a school for rural girls where they could get quality education. She began Jeevan Jyoti Girls School at Rau, near Indore. At present the school is providing education to almost 1,000 students from rural areas of Indore district.

The organisation has partnership with reputed donors like Jal Seva Trust, Transport Corporation Foundation of India, Women and Child Development Department, Central Social Welfare Board, DFID, Indore Municipal Corporation, Ujjain Municipal Corporation, National Health Mission, NABARD, Child Fund India, World Learning USAID, Tribal Welfare Department, etc.