rajiv gandhi crecheRajiv Gandhi Creche Scheme is targeted at working mothers in rural areas. The scheme objectives include:

  • Overall development of children
  • Childhood protection
  • Complete immunisation
  • Awareness generation among parents on malnutrition, health and education
  • Achievements

Creches are running in eight villages of Indore district. A total of 280 children are benefited from the crèches, which function from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. and provide mothers of the children an opportunity to work in care free environment. Supplementary food, including high protein food products like soya biscuits, is provided to all children for their nutrition. Half yearly medical check-up is carried out by paediatricians, who also ensure complete immunisation of the children. Weight and height of the children is monitored by teachers on regular frequency.

Bird Eye View

Project Name: Rajiv Gandhi Creche Scheme
Project Period: Since 1975
Focus Area: Pre-school education and malnourishment
Funding Agency: State Social Welfare Board, Bhopal
Working Area: 8 villages of Indore district
Beneficiaries: 3-6 years children